An Obstacle Warrior Kids Summer Pass provides one 2-hour admission daily as well as discounts on merchandise, classes
and parties from June 1 to August 31, 2017!  

Get your Summer Pass to
Obstacle Warrior Kids Today!

All summer passes are non-refundable. Must be purchased in-store only. No online purchase option​. Valid at both locations. There is a transfer fee of $50.
We are offering a limited amount of Summer Passes to those whose families LOVE to spend time with us. Being parents, we understand that summer is a time with no school, extreme heat and kids with tons of energy. What better way for everyone to have fun and burn off some of that energy by going to Obstacle Warrior Kids as much as you want. 

To ensure our busy summers don't get too crowded; a LIMITED amount of passes will be issued. Please, don't miss out. 

We look forward to making this FAMILY SUMMER the best one yet!

Samantha & Bob

ONLY $259
for ages 5+

ONLY $189
for ages 2-4

ONLY $159
for each sibling

Over $1200 in savings

$1000's in savings

Over $700 in savings

less than $20 per week

less than $20 per week

less than $13 per week

Additional Benefits:

  15% off*
Any Party held
by August 31, 2017
15% off
15% off
*Pizza not included

ALL Summer passes are non-refundable.  Valid at both locations from June 1 through August 31, 2017. In-store purchase only.
No online purchase option. There is a transfer fee of $50.